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When President Bush became President he proposed the greatest social security and tax law changes since Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal Presidency.  We were living with the lowest tax and interest rates in forty years.  We have seen major companies create scandalous problems for employees as well as investers; i.e., Enron, Global Crossing, Tyco, MFGlobal etc. and major industries struggle for survival.  We have seen the mergers and acquisitions among financial institutions, the demutualization of major insurance companies and companies getting bigger and bigger with the intent of globalizing the world market place.  “Eat or be eaten” was their motto all with no regulation.

Today, as President Obama is approaching the completion of his second term in office as President, he has inherited an economy with rampart greed and a lack of regulation  which has collapsed our Financial Markets and our Global Economy and has benefited the few at the expense of the many.   Our financial Markets have had their values destroyed and  Bear Stearns, Lehmann Brothers and Merrill Lynch no longer exist, while many who ran those companies were rewarded with 400 to 500 Million dollars in bonuses.     

In the financial services industry, the attempt to get bigger and bigger has led to the end of the traditional banking, insurance and brokerage institutions as we have known them and the beginning of financial conglomerates known as financial service organizations, financial department stores, or financial supermarkets.  Everybody wants to be in everyone else’s business and is trying to be all things to all people at the expense of personalized service.  The philosopher, George Santyana, said, “The working of great institutions is mainly the result of a vast mass of routine, petty malice, self-interest, carelessness and sheer mistake.  Only a residual fraction is thought.” 

Bigger and more is not always better and that individual personalized creative financial strategies still have a place in today’s marketplace. 

Currently, we are facing substantial deficits from the Afghanistan and Iraq war, which is reminiscent of the Vietnam war era.  Remember when President Johnson stated we can have "Guns & Butter", "Guns for the Vietnam War" and "Butter for the Social Programs at Home",-- he was unable to do this.  He did not seek his party’s next term for re election, and he left office with the country drowning in substantial deficits. Today we are in the same quagmire.  Can we now maintain lower taxes today while spending more and more and more money in bailouts.   The Sub Prime mortgage mess threatened the loss of people’s homes as well as the stability of our financial institutions while vast complicated financial products added to huge portfolio loses. What is the current Value of our Dollar?  The world is facing major financial problems as well which reduces access to credit markets and forces loans form IRA’s,401K and profit sharing plans which people were suppose to retire on.

The constant changes in our tax laws, the proposed changes to Social Security, companies reducing or eliminating their pension plans, the huge losses in the stock market and hugh losses to one’s own personal wealth and security mandate that everyone review their financial products and strategies for accumulating and protecting their families, their retirement and their wealth.

 In the current economic turmoil, people are seeking "Peace of Mind" through new products and ideas that can provide for lose replacement and security for one’s family, assets and business on a tax sheltered basis and to make certain that one’s children can maintain,or improve, the standard of living that their parents had come to enjoy.

 Like a doctor who has a talent for “diagnosing” before prescribing any drug or medical treatment, one should select an experienced financial person to work with to assist in navigating through the financial and business planning issues in the turbulent waters of our current economic times. 

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