Product & Services


I.                    Security Planning: 

A.    Insurance

1.                  Life Insurance

2.                  Disability Insurance

3.                  Long Term Care Insurance

4.                  Critical Care Insurance

5.                  Medicare Advantage/Medicare Supplements/Medicare Drug Plans


II.                 Comprehensive Planning

A.    Estate Planning

B.     College Planning

C.    Retirement Planning

1.                  Non-qualified supplemental retirement plans

2.                  Qualified plans


III.               Business Planning

A.    Group Benefits – Medical, Dental, Disability, 401K, Pension/Profit Sharing

B.     Key Person:  How to:

1.                  Attract

2.                  Retain

3.                  Reward

4.                  Provide supplemental retirement plans for Key Personnel

C.    Buyout arrangements – how to buyout a business in case of:

1.                  Death

2.                  Disability

3.                  Retirement of the principal owners

D.    Disposition of business for business owners

1.                  How to plan an exit strategy from one’s business

2.                  ESOP – How employees can buy the company


IV.              Investment, Legal and Accounting Services

A.      Where my clients needs indicate, I refer them to the various specialists in the investment, legal and accounting areas . People that I know and respect and participating in my professional organizations:  The Estate Planning Council of New York City and The Society for Financial Service Professionals.  My business is a personalized operation unlike a huge company that farms out the overseeing and service to less experienced individuals in their firm.  Since I oversee the personalized service of my clients, I look for joint work with investment, legal and accounting firms that are providing personalized service and have a comparable level experience and expertise. 

The information on this web site is designed to be general in nature and for educational purposes only.  Aragona Financial Strategies does not give tax or legal advice.